All Therapy Sessions are Conducted Exclusively in Dr. Protzel's Offices in Marina Del Rey


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Suite 202 B
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"I believe that it is essential for a therapist and client to talk and/or meet before they decide to begin psychotherapy.

There are many factors which need to be present to insure a successful therapy relationship. It is important that these factors be assessed before a commitment is made to begin therapy. To insure that Dr. Protzel’s experience and training is an appropriate match for the issues that a client brings to therapy, an offer is available for a free phone consultation. This would be a confidential phone call which typically lasts about 15 minutes. During this phone call you may ask any questions you have about Dr. Protzel or his training, you would have an opportunity to freely express what it is that you would like to work on and get out of therapy, and explore whether Dr. Protzel would be a good match to help meet your goals and objectives. Also, a face to face meeting at Dr. Protzel’s office is an option. This is where an initial brief assessment could be done without the use of phone or email. This would also be approximately 15 minutes and would be free of charge. How the initial contact can be made is up to the preferences of the potential client. If it is determined that Dr. Protzel is not a good match, there would be no charge or commitment, and referrals would be given for health care practitioners who would be more suitable. Either way, Dr. Protzel does not want anyone to hesitate to reach out for information, referrals, guidance, or to begin the therapy process."